Lawn and Erosion Control

Lawn and Erosion Control

For Lawn and Erosion Control you will find items such as : Lawn and Erosion Control, Sun-Shade Seed, Turf Builder, Grass Seed Blanket, Landscape Fabric, Net Straw Erosion Control, Jute Mesh, Straw Wattle. Midwest Foundation Supply sells Professional and Contractor Grade products. Whether your stopping in our location Kansas City, Missouri or shopping online, we are always here to help to get you the best product for your next foundation repair job.

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    Lawn and Erosion Control

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    Net Straw Erosion Control

    Jute Mesh

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10 Inch X 10 Inch Trooper Steel Tamper
Part Number:230190
16 Count - Terro Spider Trap 4 Pack
Part Number:132436
20 Lb Sun/Shade Seed
Part Number:105587
3/4 Clean Limestone Gravel 1 Yard
Part Number:111590-MF
3/4 Clean Limestone Gravel 1/2 Yard
Part Number:111589-MF
3/4 Clean Limestone Gravel 1/4 Yard
Part Number:111588-MF
3X100 Ft. Black Landscape Fabric
Part Number:184807
3X50 Ft. Black Landscape Fabric
Part Number:184806
40 Lbs. 3/4 Clean Limestone Gravel Bag
Part Number:111591-MF
4X225 Jute Mesh
Part Number:205638
4X50 Ft. Landscape Fabric
Part Number:184810
5 Inch Trenching Shovel
Part Number:202619
50 Lb Poly Sand Bag
Part Number:349214
6 Count - Midwest Grass Seed Mix 3 Lb.
Part Number:142002
6Cuft Poly Wheelbarrow
Part Number:556746
6Cuft Wheelbarrow
Part Number:158712
6Cuft Wheelbarrow
Part Number:161077
8 Inch X 8 Inch Steel Handle Head Tamper
Part Number:230189
8 Lb. Fiberglass Sledge Hammer
Part Number:230192
9X25 Straw Wattle
Part Number:205639
Basic Round Point Shovel D-Handle
Part Number:498397
Bow Rake 16 Tine
Part Number:132059
Brass Female Stem Hose Repair 3/4 In.
Part Number:580975
Brass Male Stem Hose Repair 3/4 In.
Part Number:580983
Brass Repair Hose Mender 3/4 In.
Part Number:583573
Brass Twist Hose Nozzle 4 In.
Part Number:581522
Commercial Landscape Fabric 4 X 100 Ft.
Part Number:134913
Contractor Grade Round Point Shovel
Part Number:181565
Cross Pein Hammer 3 Lb.
Part Number:132358
Curing Compound Sprayer 3.5 Gal
Part Number:172289
Decorative Splash Block Decorative
Part Number:118777
Ergonomical Broadcast Spreader Hand Held
Part Number:354735
EZ Straw Lawn Repair Mix
Part Number:111808-MF
Full Size Reinforced Poly Rake 26 In.
Part Number:161047
Garden Hoe Welded
Part Number:193055
Garden Scissors 5 In 1
Part Number:141498
Geotextile Fabric 24 Inch X 300 Ft.
Part Number:760403
Grass Seed Blanket 4X50 Ft.
Part Number:162269
Gt 25 Lb. Sun-Shade Seed
Part Number:213096
Gt 3 Lb. Ky Blue Seed
Part Number:213103
Gt 3 Lb. Sun-Shade Seed
Part Number:213094
Gt 3 Lb. Tall Fesc Seed
Part Number:213107
Gt 7 Lb. Ky Blue Seed
Part Number:213104
Gt 7 Lb. Sun-Shade Seed
Part Number:213095
Gt 7 Lb. Tall Fesc Seed
Part Number:213108