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Frequently Asked Questions

No worries, A lot of our nationwide contractors work out an office, home, or without access to a forklift or dock. A lift gate will be used dropping the skid near the driveway.

If you would like to purchase more than 2 Anchor Plate Kits, I highly suggest letting me get you a quote put together. When purchased straight from the website, you're paying FedEx Ground shipping for several packages, which could be expensive.

Simply fill out the Quote form and I'll send you a link back for purchase.

Large Plate Anchor1/4 inch2 : 28 x 12 inch Plates forming a 28 inch X
Medium Plate Anchor1/4 inch28 x 12 inch Plate
Small Plate Anchor1/4 inch15 x 12 inch Plate
Wall Plate1/4 inch28 x 12 inch Plate
Wall Plate Washer1/4 inch4 x 6 inch
Galvanized All Thread3/4 inch7' Shipable and 12' local pickup

Anchor Plate : Individual Part Breakdown

Estimate Freight Shipping

Add $50 if a lift gate is needed. (A Lift gate is needed when there is no dock or forklift on receiving end.)