*** Shipping is still over 130% Capacity in the United States, pushing LTL Truck lines and Ground Packaging out Several Days. MFS is doing everything in it's Power to get Items off our dock and in your hands. ***

Cancelling an Online Ground Order

  • Thank you for visiting and shopping at Midwest Foundation Supply.

  • We will gladly cancel your order before it hits Shipping.
  • Once cancelled a Full Refund will be giving with 24 business hours.
  • As long as the Order is Cancelled before the given timeline below.

  • Order Placed Cancel By Time
    Monday Tuesday 9 AM CST
    Tuesday Wednesday 9 AM CST
    Wednesday Thursday 9 AM CST
    Thursday Friday 10 AM CST
    Friday Monday 10 AM CST
    Saturday Monday 10 AM CST
    Sunday Monday 10 AM CST
    Holiday Next Business Day 9 AM CST
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